2 thoughts on “School pictures

  1. Ted,
    You have been blessed with the gift of humor. I enjoyed the first half of your show and most of the second. In the middle you made some stupid jokes about Jesus. Have you no shame? No respect for the conservative values shared by many of the Grand Rapids area citizens? I was ashamed of myself for bringing my friends to see your act. How can you take the beautiful gift of humor given to you by your creator and then use it to verbally abuse Him?
    Lori Hostetler
    (A far from perfect Christian and fellow teacher who tries to do what is right)

    • Thanks for your comment, Lori. Just as you have done here, I share my thoughts on stage. People can agree/disagree, laugh/not laugh. As for shame or respect, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m not ashamed of any thoughts I have or share and I respect everyone, Grand Rapids included.

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