I Fought the Law

Tonight I went to a private party at someone’s apartment with the other comedians. The consumption of alcohol is forbidden in Kuwait. You can get arrested for selling or drinking alcohol of any kind. But we are hardcore, we know the right people so we could not be stopped. By 9pm I had a Jim Beam and Coke in my hand. By midnight I was still nursing that same Jim Beam and Coke, along with a bottle of water to ease it along.
But that’s not the point; the point is that I had any alcohol at all. I was breaking the law! Do you understand that? Do you understand what kind of chances I was taking?
You’re probably wondering “Were you scared? Did it occur to you you might be arrested?”
“No” and “Who cares?” would be the answers, respectively. When I am looking to party I will not be denied, not by Kuwaiti law, not by my parents and not by anyone else.
People were playing darts, too, which I’m pretty sure is not allowed, either. But this is the life I lead, the life I have chosen or perhaps it chose me. Either way, there’s no turning back now.
My car to the airport arrives in less than two hours but I just ordered room service because I am staying up. That’s right, all nighter. No sleep til Cairo! A cheese omelette is on its way with a fresh glass of mango juice and a cup of coffee. You’re right, none of that is illegal but a brotha has to take a little down time to just chill.

4 thoughts on “I Fought the Law

  1. Didn’t know you were having the same drink all night….and actually i think darts are allowed…..of course unless you kill someone with a dart that’s something else…but i kicked Taylor’s @$$….hehehe LOVE IT! come back soon we had a blast

  2. Thank you, Maha, for your wonderful hospitality! The meal you served that night was the culinary highlight of the entire trip for me! I hope to see you all again soon!

  3. I’m not sure if nursing one drink for six hours while surrounded by women in burqas is considered “partying”

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