Exciting news! Teachers Lounge just won two awards at the Cynopsis Media Awards:

- Best New Comedy Web Series

- Best Guest Appearance in a Comedy Web Series (Jim Gaffigan)

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Hollis James and I with Jim Gaffigan as the School Nutritionist.

Hollis James and I with Jim Gaffigan as the School Nutritionist.

Teachers Lounge is a comedy webseries co-created by myself and Hollis James.

We play the music teacher and janitor at a NYC elementary school, respectively, and each episode stars a comedian playing a faculty member.

- Jim Gaffigan as the Nutritionist

- Lewis Black as the Principal

- Judy Gold as the Gym Teacher

- Dave Attell as the School Photographer

- Michael Che as Head of the Talented & Gifted Program

- Judah Friedlander as the Computer Science Teacher

- Todd Barry as the Librarian

- Rachel Feinstein as the School Nurse

- Jim Norton as the Head of Security

- Musician Ted Leo as himself

- Janeane Garofalo as the Public Address Announcer (episodes 1-5)

- Alec Baldwin as the Public Address Announcer (episodes 6-10)

Hollis and I are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported the project. We raised $50,000 on kickstarter to cover production expenses. Your generosity helped make the series a reality.

We are currently writing the pilot episode of Teachers Lounge for television. We’ll be shopping it around looking for a home, so keep your fingers crossed.

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