How are you? No, really. How the hell are you? Just the fact that you’re on this page instead of some news page is a good thing. Take a few deep breaths. Feels good, right? You will likely click elsewhere in mere moments and it will all be over, so enjoy the relative serenity for as long as it lasts.

A few words about what I’m up to. First off, I just got engaged! My now fiancee, Madalyn, and I have decided to become husband and wife. I will be playing the role of husband. I’m very excited. I love her very much and she loves me. A good place to start.

In other news, I’m preparing to film a new hour special in the autumn of 2017. You can come watch its early stages at The Creek and The Cave the week of March 13-18 as I do my Week at the Creek; a one hour performance every night starting promptly at 7pm.

My full schedule is up to date, including some dates with Jim Gaffigan. He and I will be doing April in Paris! Romance seems to be everywhere.

My web series Teachers Lounge won two Cynopsis Media Awards:

- Best New Comedy Web Series

- Best Guest Appearance in a Comedy Web Series (Jim Gaffigan)

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Hollis James and I with Jim Gaffigan as the School Nutritionist.

Hollis James and I with Jim Gaffigan as the School Nutritionist.

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Wishing you the best, realizing sometimes it will fall short.

But keep at it, nevertheless!