We’ve got big news, folks! Seriously, this is BIG. Let’s take a moment. Ready?

Alec Baldwin has joined the cast of Teachers Lounge as the P.A. announcer!!! “What?!! How did that happen?” We asked him and he said “Yes!”

Janeane Garofalo, our P.A. announcer in episodes 1-5, is busy shooting a project in Vancouver. So we decided to reach out to Alec Baldwin, who several months ago tweeted that he’s a fan of my stand up. We got in touch with him through Judah Friedlander, who appeared on 30 Rock with him, and he said “Yes.” Insane, right? We can’t believe it, either.

Alec Baldwin will be our P.A. announcer in episodes 6-10.

This week musician Todd Barry joins us in the Teachers Lounge as the school librarian who likes things quiet and gets loud if they aren’t.

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Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to complete “Teachers Lounge” without everyone who donated to our kickstarter. We thank everyone who gave so generously to make our project a reality!

In the series, I play the music teacher, my friend Hollis James (co-creator of TL) plays the janitor and some of the very best comedians in the world guest star as faculty members.

Lewis Black as the Principal

Lewis Black as the Principal

A school with this kind of faculty would probably be shut down. Luckily, we’re a comedy web series:

- Jim Gaffigan as the Nutritionist

- Lewis Black as the Principal

- Judy Gold as the Gym Teacher

- Dave Attell as the School Photographer

- Todd Barry as the Librarian

- Rachel Feinstein as the School Nurse

- Jim Norton as the Head of Security

- Michael Che as Head of the Gifted & Talented Program

- Judah Friedlander as the Computer Science Teacher

- Janeane Garofalo as the Public Address Announcer

- Musician Ted Leo as himself!

Come on. That’s already a pretty ridiculous cast, and now we’ve added Alec Baldwin!

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